30 Dalai Lama Quotes That Might Change Your Life


The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, born on 6 July 1935, is the current Dalai Lama. Dalai Lamas are vital monks of the Gelug school, the newest school of Tibetan Buddhism which is ostensibly headed by the Ganden Tripas. From the era of the 5th Dalai Lama to 1959, the focal administration of Tibet, the Ganden Phodrang, contributed the position of Dalai Lama with temporal duties.

The Dalai Lama is a world leader that is focused on advancing positive values, for example, forgiveness, self discipline, resilience, empathy and satisfaction. He is a profound leader like no other and is highlighting the significance of happiness and world peace every moment of the day.

Dalai Lama quotes are spread all through the world. Below are some of the most inspirational Dalai Lama quotes about love, life and happiness. These phrases will help show you to lead a happy life.



The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

Dalai Lama Men Quotes


Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

Dalai Lama Happiness Quote


More compassionate mind, more sense of concern for other’s well-being, is source of happiness.

Dalai Lama Happiness Quotes


True friendship develops on the basis of human affection, not money or power.



If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.

Dalai Lama Motivational Quotes


Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.

Dalai Lama Love Quotes


We all have to live together, so we might as well live together happily.

Dalai Lama Life Quotes


Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open.

Dalai Lama Motivational Quote


A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.

Dalai Lama Inspirational Quotes


Out of 6 billion humans, the troublemakers are just a handful.

Dalai Lama Inspirational Quote


Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

Dalai Lama Kindness Quotes


When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others.

Dalai Lama Respect Quotes


In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.

Dalai Lama Tolerance Quotes


The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.

Dalai Lama Goodness Quotes


We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.

Dalai Lama Peace Quote


Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.

Dalai Lama Health Quotes


Today, different ethnic groups and different nations come together due to common sense.

Dalai Lama Common Sense Quotes


The best way to resolve any problem in the human world is for all sides to sit down and talk.

Dalai Lama Human Quotes


The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual’s own reason and critical analysis.

Dalai Lama Critical Quotes


Some mischievous people always there. Last several thousand years, always there. In future, also.

Dalai Lama People Quotes


To become prosperous, a person must initially work very hard. He or she has to sacrifice a lot of leisure time.

Dalai Lama Leisure Quotes


The important thing is that men should have a purpose in life. It should be something useful, something good.

Dalai Lama Men Quotes


Appearance is something absolute, but reality is not that way – everything is interdependent, not absolute.

Dalai Lama Appearance Quotes


World belongs to humanity, not this leader, that leader or that king or prince or religious leader.

Dalai Lama Humanity Quotes


Generally speaking, if a human being never shows anger, then I think something’s wrong. He’s not right in the brain.

Dalai Lama Human Being Quotes


When you are discontent, you always want more, more, more. Your desire can never be satisfied. But when you practice contentment, you can say to yourself, ‘Oh yes – I already have everything that I really need.’.

Dalai Lama Satisfaction Quotes


It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come.

Dalai Lama Attitude Quotes


Logically, harmony must come from the heart… Harmony very much based on trust. As soon as use force, creates fear. Fear and trust cannot go together.

Dalai Lama Humanity Quote


Because of lack of moral principle, human life becomes worthless. Moral principle, truthfulness, is a key factor. If we lose that, then there is no future.

Dalai Lama Human Life Quote


Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.

Dalai Lama Peace Quotes