30 Famous G-Eazy Quotes To Develop Internal Creativity




Keeping in touch with the people that matter is important.

G Eazy People Quotes


Touring is starting to feel more like home than home does.

G Eazy Home Quotes


I think it’s important to say something. If you’re making music it’s kinda’ like, oh, cool, so is everyone else.

G Eazy Music Quotes


Word of mouth is the most valuable form of marketing, but you can’t buy it. You can only deliver it. And you have to really deliver.

G Eazy Marketing Quotes


London, from the architecture to the culture to the fashion to the accents, feels like it’s a special place.

G Eazy London Quotes


Less is more. Simplicity is awesome. That’s all you need in life. It’s just my personal philosophy.

G Eazy Simplicity Quotes


Success is just being able to do what I love for a living, spend all my time doing it, connect with fans, and continue that for a long f – king time.

G Eazy Success Quotes


Music isn’t selling like it used to, but the one thing you can’t steal or download is a live show experience or a T-shirt.

G Eazy Music Quote


I think when you’re telling a story from the inside of you that’s genuine, people connect with it.

G Eazy People Quote


I dunno, there were always people believing in me, but you just gotta be confident in whatever you wanna do.

G Eazy Confident Quotes


If you push yourself to stay hungry, you’re always working towards at least taking steps forward. If you’re taking steps forward, then you’re making progress.

G Eazy Progress Quotes


I do what I wish to. If you’re mad, well too bad. Sounds like a personal issue.

G Eazy Personal Issue Quotes


I think the special stuff [music] still finds a way to be heard, as long as you pair it with a good release strategy.

G Eazy Good Release Strategy Quotes


Life is good. I’ve got an apartment that is paid for with rap money. It’s good and amazing. It’s a blessing. I wake up every day and appreciate how much of a blessing this is getting to do this. But it is important to always stay humble, grounded, focused, and maintain that same ambition you had when you had nothing.

G Eazy Life Quotes


I think it’s natural for a creative to be sensitive. If I’m in the studio and I write something, I think it’s the greatest thing in the world; it’s like my baby. I just made something out of thin air that exists now in a tangible form. It’s the biggest thrill in my life.

G Eazy Creative Quotes


When you’re choosing the track list and the sequencing, it’s important to make sure that there’s some strong concepts on there and that it matters and it says something… that it sticks with people.

G Eazy Track List Quotes


What inspires me is the desire to be on. The desire to be successful. The desire to reach people through my music and make a living off it and never have to do anything else. Being able to do music full time and travel the world and share this music with everybody. That’s the dream.

G Eazy Inspire Quotes


I think it’s important to evolve and grow and take risks creatively, instead of repeating yourself and doing the same thing over and over.

G Eazy Risk Creatively Quotes


You and I were made of glass, we would never last.

G Eazy Glass Quotes


Nothing tops making a living off your passion.

G Eazy Passion Quotes


If you get comfortable, that’s how you fall off.

G Eazy Fall Off Quotes


Something I stand for is being brave enough to invest in creative ideas that I firmly believe in and bringing those to life.

G Eazy Creative Ideas Quotes


My whole career has been from scratch, so I never took it for granted that people care and support what I do.

G Eazy People Care Quotes


You have an entire generation of kids who grew up with the idea that music is something that you can download for free.

G Eazy Kids Generation Quotes


I didn’t grow up around all white people; I never wanted to gentrify hip-hop, I’ve never wanted to speak to an all-white audience.

G Eazy Grow Up Quotes


When I started making music, I was so heavy into the hyphy movement. That’s something you only know so much about if you were right there living in it, submerged in the culture.

G Eazy Making Music Quotes


I just kept telling myself that ultimately, the money that my grandparents had put away to go into my college fund, that they were investing for me to go to school and get this education, it had to be worth something.

G Eazy Educational Quotes


We should take a walk someday. Dream about what we could have been.

G Eazy Dream Quotes


I’ve put myself in this position where I haven’t set myself up with a Plan B. I don’t have a safety net; it’s all in.

G Eazy Plan B Quotes


Thing is, I wasn’t in the library, didn’t study too much, didn’t get the best grades, but honestly, I didn’t party a lot either. I stayed in a lot.

G Eazy Library Quotes