Purchase The Best Sunscreen Here As I Did – It’s a Wise Move

Is there anything more amazing than a day when the sun is shining? It’s something that I’ve always enjoyed. However, my love for sun-worshipping has led me to a few bouts of sunburn – mainly because I was going about protecting my skin the wrong way. The moment I decided to purchase the safe sunscreen here – at BlueLizardSunscreen.com – that all changed.

Up until finding this product, I had been pretty overwhelmed by the selection available, at the same time as being underwhelmed by the results. Stay with me as I give you my story.

‘purchase the safe sunscreen here’ – Said the Ad’

I wasn’t even looking for sun safety products a few years back when I came across an ad that confidently claimed I could purchase the safe sunscreen here. I decided to click on the ad and see what came up and I was pleasantly surprised by the Blue Lizard page that came up.

I’d always been a traditional chemical sunscreen lotion guy, as I’d never really sampled what life was like on the other – mineral – side of the fence. I’d bought into the tales I’d been told that mineral sunscreen was heavy, ineffective and, well, just not as good. Spoiler Alert! It’s not.

Easy to Apply, Instantly Effective

My new Blue Lizard sunscreen arrived a few days later, and as luck would have it, a trip to the beach on a gloriously sunny day came shortly after. Despite expecting the lotion to be thick and gloopy, it wasn’t too bad. While it was a little thicker than my usual brand, it was manageable.

You do have to apply the stuff a little more gingerly than regular chemical lotions, but once you’ve got the knack, it’s no bother, really. Also, I was able to go out into the sun straight away rather than having to wait the usual 20 minutes for it to absorb.

Another interesting aspect you might not be aware of with mineral sunscreens is that they sit on the skin instead of going into it – meaning it’s instantly effective.

Happy Skin At the End of the Day

The litmus test for any sunscreen is how well it protects you, and I wasn’t disappointed at all in this respect. I had the usual glow at the end of the day after my shower, post-beach, but there was no soreness – particularly as I took the time to make sure I didn’t miss a single spot.

At no point could you describe my skin as feeling uncomfortable, and it very much did the job it claimed it would do on the bottle. You can’t expect more than that, right?

Purchase the safe sunscreen here? That’s Up to You

I know that finding the right sunscreen for your skin can be a little bit tricky – I’ve been there myself! However, it pays to listen to the stories detailing the experiences of other people, and I hope that mine gives you the confidence to maybe try mineral sunscreen yourself from a company like Blue Lizard.

I took a leap of faith by trying this product, and I’m very pleased to say that it paid dividends. My relationship with the sun has changed a lot, and it just shows that the sunscreen you choose can make a big difference. Whether you take this chance like this is your call, but just look at what it did for me.

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