What are Memphis MX Powersports Amplifiers?

Memphis MX amplifiers are powerful audio tools specifically created for use in all types of power sports vehicles ranging from ATVs and UTVs to golf carts, pontoon boats, personal watercraft, and more. These amps are compact, weatherproof, and ruggedly built for life outdoors on trails, dunes, lakes, and open roads. They allow power sports enthusiasts to upgrade their vehicles’ stock audio or build fully customized sound systems to enhance the ride.

With the ability to drive head units, speakers, subwoofers, and towers, the proper memphis amp adds all the power and signal control to expertly tune audio for any open-air experience. Models coming in 1, 2, 3, and 4 channel variants enable complete flexibility in system design. Tight construction ensures durability against the elements while fitting any application, from minuscule personal watercraft dash compartments to full-fledged marine audio installs.

At the core, Memphis MX amplifiers provide the muscle for total sound enhancement of ATVs to pontoons alike. High efficiency circuits turn 12V vehicle power into high-fidelity signals able to turn an open vehicle into a concert hall on wheels. This transforms peaceful rides into pulsating sound and fury adventures or, conversely, creates resounding audio sweet spots for chilling out on the open water.

Whether speaker-shaking bass is needed rattling through the dunes, tower speakers blaring top 40 across the lake, or whole custom audio installs demanded in luxury golf carts, Memphis MX amplifiers deliver.

Key features of Memphis MX amplifiers include:

Compact Size

  • Slim amplifier profiles take up minimal space to fit small power sports compartments. Dimensions start as small as 7 inches x 5 inches.

Weatherproof Construction

  • The amps boast full weatherproofing with a marine-grade design tested to IP66 standards. This makes them impervious to dust, water, heat, and shock.

High Power Density

  •  Despite extremely compact sizing, Memphis MX amplifiers output incredible power levels ranging from 300W up to 1600W RMS thanks to highly efficient design packing tremendous performance in small footprints.

The secret lies in their exclusive MDX amplifier technology, which utilizes the latest cutting-edge Class D amplifier topology. This allows the amp’s internal circuitry, components, and heat sinks to channel unexpectedly high-power levels through such minimal external dimensions.

Take, for example, the diminutive MXMA1 600X 1-channel model measuring a scant 7 x 5 x 2 inches yet able to blast a thundering 600W RMS. That’s enough power to drive multiple high-end subwoofers or an entire network of full-range marine speakers. 

Efficient Class D Topology

  • The amplifiers use Class D amplifier topology allowing their small form to produce high power efficiently with less heat emission.

Flexible Audio Control

  •  Memphis MX amplifiers provide extremely adaptable audio signal management capabilities allowing configuring amplified signals in various routing arrangements to match unique audio system demands.

Models exist in 1, 2, 3, and 4-channel configurations for sending discrete or summed amplification to subwoofers, full-range speakers, towers, and more on the fly. This allows the crafting of intricately powered sound systems.

Audio System Expandability

  • The amplifiers feature inputs like RCA, high-level speaker wire connections for factory integration, as well as signal summing which allows cascading multi-amplifier systems. This enables essentially endless system expandability from standalone head units, to multi-zone multi-amp marine tower setups outfitted with lighting. For serious power sports audio builds, the connectivity possibilities are vast, allowing highly specialized system construction.

Tuning Adjustability

  • Many models provide crossover, bass boost, subsonic filter, and other tuning controls to customize the amplification profile.

Powersports Durability

  • Ingress protection seals out elements while shock/vibration resistance ensures relentless resilience for life off-road, on the water, and beyond.

What Are Memphis MX Amplifiers Used For?

Boosting Audio Signals

  • The key use is amplifying head unit signals to feed more power to aftermarket speakers and subwoofers. This ramps up volume and audio clarity dramatically compared to low-power factory systems.

Powering Full Sound Systems

  • The amplifiers provide power to add a full range of aftermarket audio components like speakers, subwoofers, towers and even lighting.

Enhancing Factory Stereos

  • Amplifying OEM stereos via high-level inputs allows for enhancing stale factory systems with more power by adding amplifiers and speakers for fuller range and volume.

Fueling Custom Subwoofer Setups

  • ATV and SxS riders use these amps to create hard-hitting custom bass systems with subwoofer boxes and enclosures pounding out intense sound.

Building Marine Tower Systems

  • On the water, they allow powering intricate amplifier + speaker tower setups, including RGB lighting for ultimate marine audio/visual experiences.

Golf Cart Audio Upgrades

  • The amplifiers discretely integrate upgraded head units, speakers, and subs to turn open golf carts into rolling boom boxes.

Personal Watercraft Sound

  • Jet skiers utilize them to install waterproof speakers and hide amplifiers to crank out sound for riding, anchoring or beaching.

Supplying Audio for Ride-Out Tailgating

  • UTV, ATV and trailer audio gets enhanced by the amplifiers for taking the party on desert, ice, field, lake and trail rides.

What to Look for in a Memphis MX Amplifier

What to Look for in a Memphis MX Amplifier

Power Output Levels

  • Carefully match amplifier power to your chosen speakers/subs. Entry-level Memphis MX amps put out 300W+, while pro models produce over 1500W to maximize high-end gear.


  • Single-channel amps drive subwoofers, and 2 or 4 channels enable discrete control of component systems. For serious boat towers, a 6-channel model sums signals to power intricate setups.

Compact Dimensions

  • Measure intended mounting areas first. While being overbuilt, most models measure under 9 x 7 x 2 inches. Micro amps reach sizes of just 7 x 4 x 1.4 inches with 300W output.

Weather & Water Resistance

  • Certified to IP66 standards, the amps handle full immersion, dust ingress, humidity, and rapid heating/cooling making them truly all-terrain.

Sound Tuning Interface

  • Some models include bass remote controls, parametric EQ and integrated crossovers to finely shape amplification profiles. Consider desired adjustability.

Connectivity for Head Units

  • RCA, high-level, and signal-summing inputs provide seamless head unit integration, while high-end speaker terminals output amplified signals.

Build Quality

  • Memphis employs overbuilt designs with premium internal parts secured in marine-grade sealed aluminum housings able to survive years of trail/water abuse.

Properly evaluating power, size, sound control parameters, and ruggedness allows Memphis MX amp matching for any powersports vehicle terrain and desired riding tunes.

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