How to Find a Memory Care Facility

When you’ve made the hard decision that your loved one would be better cared for in a memory care center, a number of questions and concerns pop into your mind. There’s so much to consider! You want to make the best possible decision for them, but who really has experience in these types of matters? 

If you’re asking yourself, how do I find memory care facilities near me, read on.

Do your Research

Gathering information upfront will help you make an informed decision. Start by talking to the loved one’s doctor. Physicians see many memory care facilities in the local area and can recommend high-quality options based on the individual’s needs.

Get Additional Referrals

Other good sources of referrals include the Alzheimer’s Association, local agencies on aging, social workers, case managers, hospital discharge planners, and friends or family members who have gone through the process. Ask them about their experiences, both good and bad.

Determine Levels of Care

Memory care communities offer a range of care levels, from basic assisted living up to secure dementia care units. Consider your loved one’s current and predicted needs to select the most appropriate level of support.

Narrow Geographically

Proximity will affect how often you and other family/friends can easily visit. Look at options within a 30-minute drive, if possible, for convenience. Also, research options near your residence in case a future move is needed.

Research costs upfront

Memory care can be expensive, sometimes tens of thousands per year. Gather pricing details like base rates, additional fees, deposits, and what’s included from potential communities. Look into long-term care insurance or as potential funding sources and what Medicare might cover. 

With these initial steps—gathering referrals, understanding levels of care, focusing your search area, and factoring in costs—you’ll be well-informed and make the best choice during the tour process. Be thorough during this early stage of research.

Touring Potential Facilities

Schedule tours of top choices during meal/activity times for realistic impressions. Use the following checklist to compare facilities:

The Memory Care Checklist

  • Staffing (100+ words)  
  • Ask about staff-to-resident ratios for both day and night shifts. Lower ratios allow for more individualized care.
  • Inquire about the typical tenure and training of staff members. Signs of high turnover can indicate issues.
  • Determine what certifications and continuing education staff receive, especially for dementia.
  • Observe staff interactions with residents to gauge kindness, patience, and engagement.

Thoroughly addressing each item on the checklist during facility tours will provide important insights into the level of care, safety, staffing and overall quality of life offered by each potential community. Making detailed notes facilitates comparing options later.

Considering Costs and Contracts

Ask about costs, subsidies, what’s included, and move-in/ongoing fees. Thoroughly review disclosure forms and contracts before deciding.

Trusting Your Evaluation

Trust your instincts on staff attitudes, cleanliness and building environment. Take notes and revisit top contenders before choosing.

Making Your Decision

With due diligence, the right memory care facility can provide a safe, nurturing home.

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